Benji Kirkpatrick - Dance In The Shadow

1999 studio album

Dance In The Shadow - Benji Kirkpatrick

Released by Wildgoose (WGS291CD) in 1999 and is currently unavailable. Paul Sartin plays oboe.

1. Goatherder
2. Ridgewalkers
3. The Star of Munster
4. Bubbles in the Earth
5. Without Words
6. Trooper and the Maid
7. The Round House Jigs
8. Paddy Cronins No. 2/Kitty in the Lane
9. The Curragh of Kildare
10. Up in the Air
11. Stay Where You Are/ The Foxhunters Jig/ The Merry Blacksmith
12. The Bold Pedlar
13. The Maid in the Cherry Tree/ The New Demesne

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