Record reviews & our remit

Posted by Christopher Friedenthal 23 January 2012

Please read the following before submitting music to Bright Young Folk. Any music that doesn’t fit our remit will not be featured.

  • As of 31 October 2019, we no longer accept submissions by post.
  • The music has to be rooted in the traditional music of the British Isles. So, some indication of "trad/arr" in the credits is a big plus.
  • Singer-songwriter material is unlikely to get reviewed unless it also fulfils that requirement.
  • Americana & Country also fall outside our remit.
  • Despite our name, we do not discriminate based on the age of the artist.
  • We consider full length albums, EPs and demos for review.
  • We do not review YouTube videos, links posted on our Facebook wall or Twitter feed and/or single tracks in any form.
  • Sorry, we cannot offer private comment or "pointers" on your music. If it fits the above criteria, we’re more than happy for you send it to us for public review.

OK, that’s good. How do I send you my music?

Please share your music via the contact form on our website. We do not accept submissions in WAV, AIFF or AIF format.

What do we need?

Any of the following you can provide us with will help us in reviewing your music.
  • Files for the music, or a link to a stream
  • Liner notes & any related press release or backgrounder
  • High-rez packshot
We look forward to hearing from you!