In the Footsteps Interviews

Posted by Christopher Friedenthal 27 May 2012

Bright Young Folk are filming a small series of special interviews where we arrange for a younger folk artist of note to interview a musician that’s been a particular inspiration for them. We call them In the footsteps.

So far we have published Sam Sweeney interviewing Dave Swarbrick, Sam Carter talking to Nic Jones, Jim Moray with Martin Carthy, June Tabor with Lucy Ward and Shirley Collins with Jackie Oates.

The interview will delve into particular areas of mutual interest between the two artists. We aim to keep the tone relaxed and leave the cameras running as the conversion develops over an hour or two. As both people involved are musicians we hope for a bit more back-and-forth and in-depth discussion than is normal in a regular interview with a journalist.

When possible, we also hope that over the course of their time together the two artists will find some common repertoire.

Once edited, the results will be published on