Sessions & Interviews

Posted by Christopher Friedenthal 02 April 2012

If you’ve been directed at this page because we’ve asked if you’re interested in recording a session for Bright Young Folk here’s a bit about what we do. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

We capture the session on two digital cameras and it consists of the following sections:

  • A performance of the agreed song.
  • An interview about the chosen song and your work in general.
  • Some incidental footage to use in between interview segments.

Incidental footage

This can taken at a gig, if we’re able to film one, or we can record a couple of extra tracks at the time of the session and use those. The footage is used to break up the interview and often to further illustrate what’s being said.

The finished result

The finished film will be about ten minutes long and consist of the performance followed by an interview broken up with the incidental footage. This is an example: