Amy Goddard - Rise

2022 studio album

Rise - Amy Goddard

the bright young folk review

During the last decade, Amy Goddard has deservedly acquired the reputation of one of the most talented singer-songwriters on the folk music scene; an opinion confirmed by her latest album Rise. For this album she has gathered a majestic line up of great names such as Hannah Fisher on fiddle and Ross Ainslie on whistles and pipes.

The album opens with Make Your Mark, a motivational song in which Goddard’s voice is beautifully enveloped by a very evocative arrangement. Rise flows between songs inspired by myths and legends, for example the remarkable and very humorous Beast of the Cut, lyrics defined by personal experiences such as the poetic This Old House and words inspired by problems and challenges of our society.

With her pure and delicate voice, she is capable not only of giving her interpretation of different themes, but also taking on songs of different atmospheres; not just the ethereal and evocative songs such as Cornish Mist, the single that anticipated the album, or Golden Joy, but also on more energetic pieces such as Odin or Hunters of the Sun.

The settings these lyrics are dressed up in are an important part of the success of this album: they are rich and varied, but most of all they never overwhelm her singing, allowing her talent and timbre to shine. If you like dainty singing and enticing songwriting with touching references to human condition and the world we live in, this is definitely the right album for you.

Michele Mele

Self-released on CD and digitally 22 July 2022.

1. Make Your Mark
2. Cornish Mist
3. This Old House
4. Hope Springs
5. Beast of the Cut
6. Odin
7. The Waiting Game
8. The Flow
9. Golden Joy
10. Hunters of the Sun
11. Rise Anew

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