Maddy Prior - Seven For Old England

2008 studio album

Seven For Old England - Maddy Prior

Released by Pinnacle on 23 Jun 2008. Maddy is joined by folk staples Benji Kirkpatrick and Giles Lewin to record a selection of traditional English songs in an acoustic style.

1. Dives and Lazarus
2. Trooper’s Nag
3. Jock of Hazeldean
4. The Collier Lad
5. Martinmass Time
6. Love will find out the Way
7. In Sad and Ashy Weeds
8. Bold General Wolfe
9. The Cuckoo
10. I heard the banns
11. Came ye from Newcastle
12. Trimdon Grange
13. Staines Morris
14. North Country Lass
15. Come Again
16. Magpie

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