Jim Causley - Songs of Dartmoor

2023 studio album

Songs of Dartmoor - Jim Causley

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After the success of his Devon trilogy, accordionist, pianist and singer Jim Causley decided to look for new artistic projects not related to his native county. But, when the Dartmoor National Park Authority contacted him to create an album of songs strictly linked with this beautiful area, he changed his mind as the challenge was irresistible.

Songs of Dartmoor is a varied and colourful twenty-track album of songs, both traditional and more modern, related to one of the most iconic corners of the British Isles. Even if, as explained in the very informative sleeve notes, this is just to scratch the surface of a very complex subject, a little dive into the rich and ancient cultural heritage of Dartmoor, a fascinating mix of folklore, craftsmanship, architecture and farming that has been designated an intangible cultural heritage of international importance by UNESCO.

Causley’s expressive voice and mastery of his instruments are, as usual, at the service of these lyrics. They vividly portray the atmospheres, the places and the landscapes that are, at the same time, a stunning backdrop for these stories and definitely characters in their own right.

Even the tracklist immediately takes the listener on a tour of Dartmouth, among the well-known towns and villages mentioned in the titles there are also Chagford, Bellever, Tavistock and Widdecombe.
Devon’s most famous minstrel has done it again, with his mix of humorous tales, stories of love and loss and lyrics celebrating the traditions of this area, Songs of Dartmoor is a great companion for a holiday to this unique part of the world.

Michele Mele

Released on 30 June 2023 on CD and digitally on Hrōc Music.

1. Adam the Poacher
2. Craftsmen of the Moor
3. Twenty-One Years on Dartmoor
4. Blackingstone Ravens
5. Bellever Week
6. The Old Lych Way
7. Chagford Show
8. Childe the Hunter
9. The Dinky Farm Nigh Burrator
10. The Archangel Way
11. Down ’pon Ole Dartymoor
12. The Hairy Hand
13. Dartmoor POW Poems
14. Song to Lydia
15. Jan Pook
16. Jay’s Grave
17. My Lady’s Coach
18. Tavvystock Goozey Vair
19. Pride of the Moor
20. Widdecombe Vair

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