Richard Trethewey - Dig Where You Stand

2012 studio album

Dig Where You Stand - Richard Trethewey

the bright young folk review

Dig Where You Stand contains a mixture of traditional and original material. Richard Trethewey writes songs inspired by his surroundings, many with traditional themes (shipwrecks and mining for example), and he chooses traditional songs which are relevant to Cornwall and his family background.

Richard has a rich velvety voice that is versatile enough to handle anything from the innuendo-laden Flower of St Day and Twanky Dillo to the tragic tale of The Wreck Off Scilly or the hymn-like Geevor Lads.

He is a talented instrumentalist, playing fiddles, triangle, bellows and percussion on the album, but has also assembled a fine team of guest musicians including Steve Hunt (half of the duo Corncrow) on guitar and Jim Causley on accordion and vocals. Perhaps the most surprising addition is the Camborne Youth Band, a brass ensemble.

The brass backing is particularly striking on Twanky Dillo which begins with just the sound of the anvil and bellows accompanying the voice. The brass never overpowers the singing however. It also lends an air of gravitas to The Clayworkers’ Strike of 1913, one of Richard’s own songs.

Whilst being skilled in writing songs with traditional subjects, he also includes something more contemporary in Worse Things Happen inspired by a stint as a volunteer in a nursery school.

Richard’s relaxed singing style makes this an album that is easy on the ear, but also thought-provoking.

Shelley Rainey

Self-release, 23 Oct 2012

1. The Wreck off Scilly
2. The Merry Haymakers
3. The Flower of St.Day
4. The Clayworker’s Strike of 1913
5. Smoking Chimneys
6. Twanky Dillo
7. Tom Bawcock’s Eve
8. Worse Things Happen
9. Jim Stacey / Up Over the Downs / Cock in Britches
10. We Be
11. South Australia / The Boys of Penstraze
12. Geevor Lads
13. Ten Thousand Miles

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