Magpie Lane - Six For Gold

2002 studio album

Six For Gold - Magpie Lane

Released in 2002 by Beautiful Jo Records, BEJOCD-42.

The sixth album by Oxfordshire six-piece Magpie Lane sees seasoned talents of founder members Ian Giles, Mat Green and Andy Turner joined by newcomers Marguerite Hutchinson, Sophie Polhill and Benji Kirkpatrick.

1. The Jovial Cutler
2. The Constant Lovers
3. Round about the Maypole / Asiatic
4. John Reilly
5. Juniper Gentle & Rosemary
6. A-begging I Will Go
7. O Once I was a Shepherd Boy
8. Long Peggin’ Awl
9. Stottycake Polka / Ganivelle
10. Bold William Taylor
11. Foggy Dew
12. I Saw a Maid in my Father’s Garden
13. Stokes Bay
14. Argeers / Polka d’Auvergne
15. Lazarus
16. My Old Hat That I Got On

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