Jim Moray - Lucy Wan

2009 single

Lucy Wan - Jim Moray

Released 14th September 2009 and available through the Jim Moray webshop as CDR copies, with full quality artwork and on-body printing, hand-numbered in a limited release of 500. Also from iTunes as a download.

Press release: "Taken from Jim Moray’s multi-award winning album, Low Culture, Lucy Wan is a groundbreaking and innovative pop single. A traditional old English murder song set to a throbbing dubstep beat, and featuring grime MC Bubbz, it is the first time an Urban / Folk crossover track has received plaudits from both musical communities as well as from mainstream pop fans. Since it’s first appearance on Low Culture, Lucy Wan has already caused a huge stir in the musical community, resulting in a plethora of positive reviews across the music press, culminating in a nomination for Best New Track at the 2008 BBC Folk Awards.

"Featuring a new mix of the genre-bursting track from the award-winning ’Low Culture’, and new song ’Inside The Wolf’."

1. Lucy Wan (clean radio mix)
2. Inside the Wolf

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