John Kirkpatrick - Fanfare For The South West

2003 studio album

Fanfare For The South West - John Kirkpatrick

Fellside FECD182 (CD, UK, 2003)

John Kirkpatrick, button accordion, melodeon, treble, baritone and bass Anglo concertina, vocals
Benji Kirkpatrick, six and twelve string guitars, bouzouki
Tim van Eyken, melodeon, button accordion
Paul Burgess, fiddles, recorders
Robert Harbron, English concertina, bassoon
Gina Le Faux, fiddles, viola, mandolin, guitar (track 6)
Philippa Toulson, solo vocal
Eddie Upton, mouth organ, solo vocal
The Stanchester Quire - Director Eddie Upton

The Fanfare for the South West Suite
1. The Holy Well
2. Instrumental Link
3. Searching for Lambs
4. South South West
5. The Dark-Eyed Sailor
6. Coming, Ready or Not
7. Greensleeves
8. Up to No Good
9. Ye Mariners All
10. The Sailor and the Soldier
11. Hurdon Down
12. Poaching Song

Traditional Songs and Tunes
13. George Till’s Schottische No 1 / George Till’s Schottische No 2
14. The Banks of Green Willow
15. One Night As I Lay on My Bed
16. The Fox Hunter / James Higgins’ Jig
17. Come My Lads
18. George Till’s Hornpipe No 4

Tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9-10, 12 trad. arr. John Kirkpatrick;
Tracks 2, 4, 6, 8, 11 Gina Le Faux arr. John Kirkpatrick;
Tracks 13, 16, 18 trad. arr. Paul Burgess;
Tracks 14-15, 17 trad. arr. Eddie Upton

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