Moore Moss Rutter - Demo CD

2010 ep

Demo CD - Moore Moss Rutter

the bright young folk review

The first offering from the young folk trio from Norfolk, Moore Moss and Rutter.

Don’t be misled by the lament-esque introduction to ’The Drummer & Mount Hills’. Despite it’s slightly mournful start, the pace soon picks up to reveal a toe-tappingly good reel. Led from start to finish by Tom Moore’s energetic fiddle playing, the trio dare to attempt, and pull off, increasingly complex rhythmic manoeuvres which, in lesser hands, would easily trip over themselves. But instead we are guided safely from start to finish by the combined talents of Moore, Moss and Rutter.

Possibly one of the best track names I have ever come across, ’Time at the Old House & Ambulance at the Thatched Cottage’ offers a moment’s peace after the hectic rhythms of ’The Drummer & Mount Hills’ with its delicate accordion melody and gentle accompaniments.

The 3-track EP calls time with a hornpipe medley. An unashamed romp from start to finish ’William Taylor’s Tabletop Hornpipe & the Savage Hornpipe’, is the perfectend to this musical showcase. But the boys don’t bid adieu without a musical joke worthy of Belshazzar’s feast as they cheekily incorporate Pachabel’s ’Kanon in D’ seamlessly into the medley’s second tune.

With their average age well under 18, this folk trio are wise beyond their years and clearly well-versed in the folk tradition. Highly adept musicians, with a clear musical vision, Moore, Moss and Rutter are most definitely a future force to be reckoned with. A most impressive debut.

Mary Stokes

Demo CD, 2010

1. The Drummer & Mount Hills
2. Time at the Old House & Ambulance at the Thatched Cottage
3. William Taylor’s Tabletop Hornpipe & the Savage Hornpipe

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