UNITE - A Gathering Of Strangers

2010 studio album

A Gathering Of Strangers - UNITE

Released by Mule Satellite on 17 May 2010.

Amongst the artists appearing are:
Tim Whelan and Hamid Man Tu
Jim Moray (UK)
Yanka Rupkina (Trio Bugarka, Bulgaria)
Balkan Fanatik (Hungary)
The Perunika Trio (UK/Bulgaria)
Martin Furey (Ireland)
Valravn (Denmark)
Village Kollektiv (Poland)
Recycler (France)

1. When You Hear Me Sing
2. Lisbon
3. Soldier Song From Ordongostuzes
4. I Have Sold My Field
5. Keranka
6. Van Dieman’s Land
7. Immigrant Song
8. The Miner’s Dream Of Home
9. Away To A Stranger
10. Hey You Shepherd
11. Against The Storm
12. I Left My Sweet Homeland
13. Devet Deset
14. Human Atomic Clock
15. Hudci
16. Farewell My Own Dear Native Land

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