Various Artists - One Night For Norma

2011 live recording

One Night For Norma - Various Artists

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One Night for Norma is a live album recording of a concert held at The Sage, Gateshead in June 2011 in support of Norma Waterson at a time when the legendary folk singer was suffering from serious illness. With Linda Robinson as the Master of Ceremonies, the evening brought together an impressive array of folk artists, ranging from long established stars such as Alistair Anderson to relative newcomers such as Bella Hardy and Emily Portman. North East champions Jez Lowe and Andy May feature strongly. Other artists involved were Sandra Kerr, Vin Garbutt, and Margaret and Andy Watchorn.

The tracks chosen for the event cover many of Norma’s favourite songs and musical arrangements, including many she is renowned for performing herself. The affection held by the artists for Norma Waterson comes through very clearly from the introductions before each track as well as in the spirited performances, and this is a record full of atmosphere and emotion as a result.

Perhaps the best example of this is the rousing Country Life, featuring the voices of all the performers in a superb combination. The Emily Portman Trio provide beautiful harmonies, with a medieval feel in Mossycoat, switching to a bluegrass/soul tinge in the excellent Same Old Salty. Other highlights include When the Winds Begin to Sing, a compelling instrumental from Alistair Anderson and Jack Common’s Anthem from Jez Lowe, featuring Andy May on piano.

Mike Hough

2011 release
Scarlet Records

Disc: 1
1. Country Life
2. Mossycoat
3. If I Had a Son
4. Traditional Hornpipe-Castle Hornpipe
5. The Five Lives of a Bucket
6. Northumbrian Pipes
7. Glad Tidings Little Jenny
8. Jack Common’s Anthem

Disc: 2
1. There Ain’t No Sweet Man That’s Worth
2. The Sherbourne Waltz Peacocks March
3. England My England
4. Black Muddy Water
5. When the Winds Begin to Sing
6. Up the Wooded Stair
7. London Danny
8. Some Old Salty
9. Three Score and Ten

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