Jim Molyneux - Journey Boy

2012 ep

Journey Boy - Jim Molyneux

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Journey Boy is the first solo release from 4Square’s Jim Molyneux. It is a solo recording in the true sense of the word as he plays all the instruments and provides all the vocals. In contrast to 4Square’s upbeat, jazzy sound, this recording is laid back in the extreme.

Jim’s choice of material includes two original songs, Bonfires and River (the latter based on a popular spiritual), a traditional song (Three Ravens) and an arrangement of the Richard Thompson classic 1952 Vincent Black Lightning.

The iconic 1952 Vincent Black Lightning is a brave choice for any artist, but the Molyneux treatment works well. The song is delivered gently with some lovely harmonies and a lively accordion accompaniment.

Three Ravens is much more sinister (as befits the subject matter) and is in sharp contrast to River, which has a much more hopeful tone.

The CD begins and ends quietly, and indeed the whole recording has a contemplative air. An interesting EP as a taster of what Jim can do on his own, but it could do with being a little longer.

Shelley Rainey

Released by Rootbeat Records, 2012

1. Bonfires
2. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
3. Three Ravens
4. River

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