Various Artists - Folk Music Of England

2008 compilation

Folk Music Of England - Various Artists

Released by The Gift of music on 1 September 2008 but recorded some years before that. All arrangements by the performers.


Ian Giles
Ian Page

The Amber Quartet
Ian Giles voice & drum
Paul Sartin fiddle & oboe
John Spiers melodeon
Benji Kirkpatrick bouzouki

Dr Faustus
Tim van Eyken melodeon & voice
Robert Harbron concertina
Paul Sartin fiddle
Benji Kirkpatrick bouzouki & voice

Jon Banks serpent & recorder
Ben Grove mandolin
Hilary Perona-Wright guitar
Nigel Perona-Wright flute

1. Innocent Hare - Amber Quartet
2. Hal And Tow/Shropshire Lass - Amber Quartet
3. John Barleycorn - Amber Quartet
4. Rusty Gully/Dance To Your Daddy/My Cat Has Kitted/Three Northern Hornpipes - Dr. Faustus
5. How Pleasant And Delightful - Ian Giles
6. Drink Old England Dry - Ian Giles & John Spiers
7. Searching For Lambs - Ian Giles
8. Lemmy Brazil’s Hornpipe No 2/Wonder Hornpipe - John Spiers
9. Merry Little Doffer - Ian Page
10. Poor Loom Weaver - Ian Page
11. Bury New Loom - Ian Page
12. Astley’s Ride/The Old John Peel - Amber Quartet
13. Lincolnshire Poacher/Dr Fausters’ Tumbler - Dr. Faustus
14. Harvest Song - Dr. Faustus
15. Seeds Of Love - Ian Giles
16. Webley/Old Man’s Dance/Queen’s Delight - Dragonsfire
17. John Barleycorn’s A Hero Bold - Ian Giles
18. White Cockade - Ian Giles
19. Barleymow - Dragonsfire

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