Richard Thompson - Daring Adventures

1986 studio album

Daring Adventures - Richard Thompson

Released by Polydor in June 1986.

All songs written by Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson - guitar, vocals, mandolin, dulcimer, theremin
Mitchell Froom - keyboards, theremin
Jerry Scheff - bass guitar, double bass
Mickey Curry - drums
Jim Keltner - drums
Alex Acuña - percussion
Christine Collister and Clive Gregson - backing vocals
John Kirkpatrick - accordion, concertina
Philip Pickett - shawm, crumhorn, recorder and symphony.
Chuck Fleming - fiddle
Brian Taylor, Tony Goddard, David Horn, Ian Peters - brass

1. A Bone Through Her Nose
2. Valerie
3. Missie How You Let Me Down
4. Dead Man’s Handle
5. Long Dead Love
6. Lover’s Lane
7. Nearly In Love
8. Jennie
9. Baby Talk
10. Cash Down, Never Never
11. How Will I Ever Be Simple Again
12. Al Bowlly’s in Heaven

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