Martin Carthy - Right Of Passage

1998 studio album

Right Of Passage - Martin Carthy

Recorded by David Kenny at Ideal Sound in September 1988 and produced by Martin Carthy and David Kenny. Released by Topic Records in 1988.

Martin Carthy: guitar, mandolin, vocals
John Kirkpatrick: one-row melodeon & button accordion
Chris Wood: fiddle
Dave Swarbrick: fiddle

1. The Ant and the Grasshopper
2. Eggs in Her Basket
3. A Stitch in Time
4. McVeagh
5. Hommage à Roche Proulx
6. All in Green
7. Company Policy
8. The Banks of the Nile
9. La Cardeuse
10. Bill Norrie
11. The Sleepwalker
12. A Cornish Young Man
13. The Dominion of the Sword

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