Equation - First Name Terms

2002 studio album

First Name Terms - Equation

Recorded at The Firs, West Park, The Piano Kitchen. Produced and mixed by James Brown

Kathryn Roberts: Vocals, Woodwind, Piano
Sean Lakeman: Guitars
Darren Edwards: Bass
Iain Goodall: Drums, Percussion
James Crocker: Guitar, Banjo, Slide

Guest Musicians:
Seth Lakeman: Violin, Vocals
Sam Lakeman: Organ, Keyboards
Cara Dillon: Backing Vocals
Hannah Power: Backing Vocals
Geoff Lakeman: Backing Vocals
Reggie Brown: Piano,Vocals, Keyboards

1. Wild Card (Roberts/Lakeman)
2. Cry Wolf (Roberts/Lakeman/Brown)
3. Rise Up And Deny (Roberts/Lakeman/Brown)
4. Clare (Roberts/Lakeman/Brown)
5. Speak Your Thoughts (Roberts/Lakeman)
6. Full Speed (Roberts/Lakeman)
7. For Carrie (Roberts/Lakeman)
8. The End Of May (Roberts/Lakeman)
9. Drowning Man (Lakeman)
10. Coming Around Again (Roberts/Lakeman)
11. Jack and Suzanne (Hughes/Lakeman/Brown)
12. Lost All Feeling (Roberts/Lakeman/Brown)

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