Darwin Song Project - Shrewsbury 2009

2009 dvd

Shrewsbury 2009 - Darwin Song Project

Professionally filmed in Shrewsbury on March 13th 2009 at the first performance of the Darwin Song Project songs. It features the CD mixed sound and the encore was mixed especially for the DVD.

Under 150 where pressed most of them were passed onto the artists and to partners of the festival. Less than 50 of the DVD were left over and made available to recipients of the Darwin Song Project mailing list via Fish Records.

The DVD features 19 songs, including the two that didn’t make the CD due to space limitations.
- Krista Detor & Chris Wood’s ’Chopin’
- Jez Lowe’s ’The Darwin Walk’. The encore which sees all 8 artists writing their own verse for the finale.

1. Trust in the Rolling Ocean
2. Heavy in My Hand
3. Turtle Soup
4. Kingdom Come
5. The Merchant’s Question
6. Thinking Path
7. Jemmy Button
8. From Miss Emma Brawley
9. The Earl of Darwin’s Farewell / Save A Place
10. Emma’s Lullaby
11. We’re All Leaving
12. Mother of Mysteries
13. Chopin
14. Will You be Waiting?
15. Mother of My Soul
16. Clock of the World
17. We’ll Hunt Him Down
18. You May Stand Mute
19. The Darwin Walk

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