Tim Edey - Sailing Over the 7th String

2013 studio album

Sailing Over the 7th String - Tim Edey

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Anglo/Irish musician Tim Edey’s latest recording Sailing Over the 7th String is a collection of tunes played in a variety of styles and with a rich tapestry of textures. A virtuoso on guitar and melodeon, he is joined by Patsy Reid (strings), Lucy Randall (percussion) and Steve Cooney (guitar).

The listener is eased in gently with Cooney’s Polcas, where a gently funky accompaniment supports the melodeon. The pace picks up a little (but not too much) with Rumba Negra’s laid back Latin beat. Here the guitar steps into the limelight while the melodeon has a more accompanying role.

Crossing to the Cape is a pair of tunes consisting of Steamboat Hornpipe, played just on guitars and Autograph Clog, in which piano, bass and percussion are added giving it a flavour of le Hot Club de Paris. The electric guitar makes an appearance in Journey to Mull, soaring above a mellow tune played on acoustic guitars and string section.

One particularly lively tune is Ava’s Dance, a tune set named for Tim’s new daughter. You can feel the joy in this traditional jig and reel. Another more upbeat track is a superb gypsy-jazz arrangement of the Steven Collins Foster classic Swannee River. Although it is a bit of a novelty track, it is in no way lacking in virtuosity.

A well thought out selection of tunes. The listener does not feel bombarded by relentless fast playing, and although the general feel is a relaxing one, there is still plenty of contrast, and what better way to end than with some birdsong. Lovely!

Shelley Rainey

Released on Gnatbite Records, 14th October 2013

1. Cooney’s Polcas
2. Rumba Negra
3. Crossing to the Cape!
4. Journey to Mull
5. Jenny’s Tune
6. Ava’s Dance
7. JP’s
8. Beautiful Lake Ainslie
9. Iain Chlinn Chuaich/Contae Mhuigheo
10. Swanee River
11. My Prayer

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