Richard Thompson - Mock Tudor

1999 studio album

Mock Tudor - Richard Thompson

Released by Capitol on September 1999.

Richard Thompson - guitar, vocals, mandolin, harmonium, hurdy gurdy, dulcimer
Mitchell Froom - keyboards
Atom Ellis - bass guitar
Dave Mattacks - drums, percussion
Judith Owen - backing vocals on Uninhabited Man & Two-Faced Love
Danny Thompson - double bass
Teddy Thompson - guitar and backing vocals
David McKelsy - harmonica
Jeff Turmes - baritone saxophone
Charles Davis - cornet
Leslie Benedict - trombone
Randall Aldcroft - trombone
Larry Hall - cornet
Joey Waronker - extra drums on Bathsheba Smiles
Lovely Previn - violin on Mr. Rebound
John Bergamot - percussion on Mr. Rebound

1. Cooksferry Queen
2. Sibella
3. Bathsheba Smiles
4. Two-Faced Love
5. Hard On Me
6. Crawl Back (Under My Stone)
7. Uninhabited Man
8. Dry My Tears And Move On
9. Walking The Long Miles Home
10. Sights And Sounds Of London Town
11. That’s All, Amen, Close The Door
12."Hope You Like The New Me

Bong Load Records double vinyl added two tracks:
13. Fully Qualified To Be Your Man
14. Mr. Rebound

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