Future Trad Collective - Future Trad Collective

2011 studio album

Future Trad Collective - Future Trad Collective

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Michael McGoldrick, Ian Fletcher and Andrew Dinan take their considerable versatility as musicians and put it to good use in this new creation, collaborating with a variety of other players to create a diverse sound.
Future Trad Collective takes the listener on a musical world tour, taking in influences from far and wide to create a true fusion sound that has its home nowhere and everywhere.
Rhythms and riffs from Asia meld with Michael McGoldrick’s flutes and whistles in the opening track, Kehrvah. Whilst the next tune has a heady dose of sixties lounge music vying with Uillean pipes.
The tunes are cleverly arranged to bring together myriad origins into cohesive tracks that stimulate the mind.
Brigantes is at heart a selection of aires and slides, but the dancey tabla beats dominate to create a tune not out of place in a club. Conversely The Stormless Isle has a meditative trance quality, with Maeve Mackinnon providing Gaelic vocals over the gentle instrumentation.
It’s almost impossible to pin Future Trad Collective down in some ways, as their influences are so wide. However, the way in which they fuse them together, the Celtic heart at the centre of many of the tunes, and the general dance quality of the album do set out a unique sound.

Liz Osman

Released by Vertical in February 2011.

1. Kehrvah
2. Castros
3. Strike the House Down
4. Desert Reels
5. Brigantes
6. The Stormless Isle
7. Rio to Rathnew
8. Konkolo Jigs n Reels
9. Las Palmas
10. Blue Berimbau

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