The Dovetail Trio - The Dovetail Trio

2014 ep

The Dovetail Trio - The Dovetail Trio

the bright young folk review

When three musicians who already have honed reputations elsewhere in the folk world decide to form a band, you know the result will be exciting. This is the case with the recently formed Dovetail Trio, comprising Rosie Hood (vocals), Jamie Roberts (guitar and vocals) and Matt Quinn (melodeon and vocals).

The five traditional songs on this EP are perhaps rather safe choices, but are delivered with lovely arrangements, each one using the three musicians in a different way.

Matt Quinn takes the lead on John Barleycorn and On Yonder Old Oak. While the former makes full use of the instruments (Jamie’s distinctive guitar style in particular) the other is completely a capella.

Rosie leads on The Lady and the Soldier and When I Was a Young Maid with subtle accompaniment from Matt and Jamie. Her pure, sweet voice suits these story-telling songs well.

In complete contrast to those two is Two Magicians which showcases all aspects of the trio’s talent, from a capella harmonies to full instrumental accompaniment.

These intimate and gentle arrangements of familiar songs are a great taster of what this trio has to offer.

Shelley Rainey

Self release, October 2014

1. When I Was a Young Maid
2. John Barleycorn
3. The Lady and the Soldier
4. On Yonder Old Oak
5. Two Magicians

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