Dyer:Cumming’s - Dyer:Cummings

2011 ep

Dyer:Cummings - Dyer:Cumming’s

the bright young folk review

Well-known in their native South West and increasingly on the festival circuit as a ceilidh band, Dyer:Cumming’s are now making a name for themselves as concert performers. This was demonstrated at their recent Bristol Folk Festival appearance when the room was full to bursting.

The band are Jon Dyer on bass and flute, Penny Dyer on bassoon, Hannah Cumming on fiddle and Alex Cumming (the band’s caller) on piano accordion and bouzouki.

This EP is their second recording and features six tune sets that will have you up on your feet in no time. Many of the tunes will be familiar (Horse’s Brawl, The Sloe and two versions of Old Tom of Oxford), but there are a few surprises too.

Jon Dyer’s flute playing on Funky American Kitchen brings to mind the style of Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson and duels magnificently with Hannah’s fiddling.

The combination of bass guitar and bassoon gives a really firm grounding to the tunes, and this is particularly evident in the opening to the final track on the EP. The Dawn may be an odd title for a closing track, but has a definite ’encore’ feel about it! (oh, and keep it running after the music ends).

A very exciting CD, and let’s hope there is a full length one soon.

Shelley Rainey

Released Summer 2010

1. Hustler Set
2. The Sloe
3. Funky American Kitchen
4. Sat Nav Set
5. Horse’s Brawl
6. The Dawn

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