Martin Green & Eliza Carthy - Dinner

2001 studio album

Dinner - Martin Green & Eliza Carthy

Released by Heroes of Edible Music in December 2001.

Eliza Carthy (violin, octave violin, vocals)
Martin Green (piano accordion, piano, sampling and sequencing)
JCool (beatbox - 2, 9)
Salah Dawson Miller (frame drums and Karkabou - 5)
Eddi Reader (vocals - 7)

Track 5 contains samples from:
Swåp: Bigger House from their album [Sic], Ian Carr: guitar, Karen Tweed: accordion
Thought Gang: Winter from their album Monsters from the Id, Catherine Coombs, Cello

1. Fen
2. Mr Preston’s Hornpipe
3. Stephen’s Leaving/The Jolly Fucker/Rörospols
4. Abe’s Retreat/Kielder Castle
5. Jack Warrel’s Hornpipe
6. Daniel Wright’s Hornpipe/A Bagpipe Hornpipe
7. Lemady
8. Saul’s Shoes/Prescott’s Punch
9. Presbyterian Hornpipe/Game of Draughts
10. Young Collins

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