Equation - The Dark Ages

1995 ep

The Dark Ages - Equation

Limited edition EP of traditional English song.

Produced by Equation. Recorded at The Firs, Devon/

Kathryn Roberts: Vocals, Piano, Clarinet
Sean Lakeman: Guitar
Darren Edwards: Bass
Iain Goodall: Drums, Percussion
James Crocker: Guitar

Sam Lakeman: Keyboards
Seth Lakeman: Violin and Backing Vocals

1. Sailor Boy (trad, arr. Equation)
2. Lord Gregory (trad, arr. Equation)
3. Cuckoo’s Nest (trad, arr. Equation)
4. Lovely Nancy (trad, arr. Equation)
5. A Drummer Won My Love (trad/Ashley Hutchins, arranged Equation)
6. Gereord - Bonus Track (James Crocker)

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