Equation - Return To Me

2003 studio album

Return To Me - Equation

Recorded 1995-96 but shelved by the record label at the time. It finally saw the light of day on 24 March 2003 via Rough Trade.

Produced and recorded by David Bottrill, except ’He Loves Me’ + ’Strange Love’ Produced by Geoff Travis recorded by James Brown. Recorded at Realworld Studios Wiltshire, Loco Studios Wales, RAK Studios London, Sarm West Studios London, The Firs.

Cara Dillon: Vocals , Low Whistle
Kathryn Roberts: Vocals
Sean Lakeman: Guitars
Sam Lakeman: Piano, Keyboards
Seth Lakeman: Violins, Vocals
Darren Edwards: Bass

Darren Altman: Drums
Roy Dodds: Drums and Percussion
David Bottrill: Percussion

1. He Loves Me (Dougie McClean)
2. Golden Bird (Trad. Arr Equation)
3. Strange Love (Sean Lakeman / Steve Redman)
4. Cloths Of Heaven (W.B.Yeats / Trad Arr Equation)
5. Song Of The Well (Anne Briggs)
6. Return To Me (October Project)
7. Cross The River (Tim Wood)
8. Let Him Cry (Sean Lakeman / Cara Dillon)
9. Sad The Girl (Sean Lakeman)
10. Can’t Cry Hard Enough (Williams Brothers)
11. No Goodbyes (Sean Lakeman)
12. Wake Up (Sam Lakeman / Cara Dillion)

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