Eliza Carthy - Rice

1998 studio album

Rice - Eliza Carthy

Released in conjunction with ’Red’ to form a double album.

Also features:
Saul Rose (melodeon, one-row accordion, vocals)
Ed Boyd (acoustic guitar, bouzouki)
Eleanor Waterson (vocals)
Lucy Adams (feet, clogs, vocals)
Billericay Fontenot (guitar, vocals)
Thorngumbold Fontenot (vocals)

1. Blow the Winds/The Game of Draughts
2. Snow it Melts the Soonest
3. Picking up Sticks/The Old Mole/Felton Lonnin/Kingston Girls
4. Miller and the Lass
5. Herring Song
6. Mons Meg
7. Tuesday Morning
8. Haddock and Chips
9. Americans have Stolen My True Love Away
10. Zycanthos Jig/Tommy’s Foot/Quebecois
11. Sweetness of Mary/Holywell Hornpipe/Swedish
12. Benjamin Bowmaneer
13. Commodore Moore/The Black Dance/A Andy O

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