Eliza Carthy - Eliza Carthy & The Kings Of Calicutt

1997 studio album

Eliza Carthy & The Kings Of Calicutt - Eliza Carthy

The Kings of Calicutt are:

Andi Wells (drums)
Barnaby Stradling (bass)
Saul Rose (melodeon, vocals)
Maclaine Colston (hammered dulcimer, vocals, snare, wah).

Also features:

John McCusker (violin - 4,9)
Conrad Ivitsky (double bass - 3)
J. Simon Van Der Welt, Jak Duff & Toby Shippey (horns -10)

1. Trip to Fowey/Cuckold came out of the Amery/Indian Queen
2. Whirly Whorl
3. Bonaparte’s Retreat
4. Little Bear/Wobbly Cat/Upton Stick Dance
5. Mother, Go Make my Bed/Flower of Swiss Cottage
6. Good Morning, Mr Walker
7. Holm Band Tune/Dave Roberts’ Tune/Jemima’s Jug
8. Sheffield Park/Polly Bishop’s Slip Jig/Roger de Coverley
9. Fisher Boy
10. If You Will Not Have Me, You May Let Me Go/The Pullet/The Storyteller

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