Rant - Rant

2013 studio album

Rant - Rant

the bright young folk review

Rant is a recent gathering of four talented Scottish fiddlers. It consists of Bethany and Jenna Reid, Sarah-Jane Summers and Lauren McColl. The name Rant comes from an old Scottish word meaning ’dance’ or ’frolic’, rather than an angry statement that some people might think.

The name certainly gives you a clear indication of the music that is then to follow. For some, the thought of a band of four fiddles might lend to worries regarding the possible variety, but Rant will make any listener rethink that stance.

The opening set One For Us certainly blasted that view into oblivion: four fiddles can provide enough variety to make amazing music, never mind just good. Just because you are using the same instrument doesn’t mean you cannot get very distinctive and separate sounds.

As the album progresses it becomes clear how utterly brilliant the choice of name is, as you really do get ’exactly what it says on the tin’. As previously mentioned Rant means dancing, frolicking and to make merry, and this is what the album does.

Some of the songs are feel good, like Jordon Taylor’s, and then tracks like Back Home at Onsbäcken get the foot tapping and make the listener want to dance with whoever is close by (including your pet cat!). You also get much fiercer tracks like Mary MacDonald’s and Tuning Prelude which give a much clearer glint of Celtic style coming through.

A fantastic album from a great band, much recommended.

Paul Rawcliffe

Released on 31st July 2013 by Make Believe Records

1. One For Us
2. East Church
3. Back Home at Onsbäcken
4. Mary MacDonald’s
5. Jordon Taylor’s
6. Tuning Prelude
7. Tha m’Fhearann Saidhbhir
8. Da Haa
9. 25!
10. Jan’s Return

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