Rob Harbron - As the Days Begin to Lengthen

2024 ep

As the Days Begin to Lengthen - Rob Harbron

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Five tunes composed in five consecutive days in January 2024, all developed from initial simple lines conceived during morning walks that became full compositions during the day. Concertina maestro, multi-instrumentalist and composer Rob Harbron’s new EP As the Days Begin to Lengthen is a celebration of the turning point of the year and an ambitious musical experiment.

The serene and optimistic mood of the opener A Minute More Each Day reverberates throughout the release, with the exception of the poignant and slightly gloomier title track. The ancestral feelings generated by our contact with nature and by the cycle of seasons are thoughtfully set into music thanks to Harbron’s trademark expressive and articulated playing and to his well-known skills, both in composing and arranging these evocative melodies.

In fact, he crafted every single detail of the five tracks, designing and recording the delicate guitar or mandolin settings underpinning these airy and descriptive tunes. The more upbeat Sundogs is the only solo concertina track, echoing the atmosphere of his acclaimed album Meanders and providing a nice change of pace halfway through the release.

As the Days Begin to Lengthen
is a calming and deeply inspiring journey, ideal for relaxing and meditating, not only during spring days, but also at every moment of the year.

Michele Mele

Released on January 15 2024, recorded and mastered by Rob Harbron

1. A Minute More Each Day
2. Perihelion
3. Sundogs
4. As the Days Begin to Lengthen
5. Besinox

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