Seth Lakeman - Poor Man’s Heaven

2008 studio album

Poor Man’s Heaven - Seth Lakeman

Released on June 30 2008 by Relentless. Recorded over 2007 and 2008 in Cornwall. Produced by Sean and Seth Lakeman.

1. The Hurlers
2. Feather In A Storm
3. Crimson Dawn
4. Blood Red Sky (co-written with Steve Knightley)
5. Solomon Browne
6. Cherry Red Girl
7. Haunt You (co-written with Steve Knightley)
8. Race To Be King
9. Poor Man’s Heaven
10. Greed And Gold (co-written with Steve Knightley)
11. Sound Of A Drum (A reworking of traditional song, The Unquiet Grave)

An exclusive track "Nature’s Law" was is available via a link on

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