Lucy Farrell - We Are Only Sound

2023 studio album

We Are Only Sound - Lucy Farrell

the bright young folk review

With her skills very much in demand for a number of projects, composer, singer, viola, guitar and fiddle player Lucy Farrell had not concentrated on her solo career for a while. We Are Only Sound is in fact her debut solo release, a collection of self-penned songs, recorded in a single take in the evocative surroundings of Much Wenlock Abbey.

Her crystal clear voice accompanies the listener on a delicate journey of introspective lyrics and poetic images. The topics she delves into are surely not new to folk music, but the way she presents them is the key to the success of her artistic endeavour. In songs like Love is Easy, Snow’s Blowing Wild, Safe in the Open or Paperthin, the single that anticipated the album release, her storytelling talent shines together with the careful settings.

The arrangements are indeed influenced by all the projects she has taken part in, and yet they are definitely personal. At times economic and sparse, at times warm and more intricate, they are always fit for purpose, often incorporating a touch of electronics. However, this is often subtle and never overwhelming, it just contributes to enrich the tapestry of a profoundly touching musical experience.

Folk music has always dealt with meaningful themes. To do it in an original way that is also respectful of tradition is the proof of Farrell’s deserved reputation of one of the leading voices on the UK folk scene.

Michele Mele

Released on 21 April 2023 on CD, LP and digitally. Produced by Andy Bell.

1. Paperthin
2. Snow’s Blowing Wild
3. Keep On
4. Suddenly, Woken by Alarms
5. Never Enough
6. Love is Easy
7. Sit Down
8. But For You
9. Edwin Lullaby
10. Sacrifice
11. Safe in the Open
12. We Are Only Sound

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