Equation - Hazy Daze

1998 studio album

Hazy Daze - Equation

Although this was the first Equation album released, an album called ’Return to Me’ was recorded earlier but not released until years afterwards.

The US track listing differs from the UK version. Without consulting the band an executive exchanged the live favourite ’Clueless’ with ’Strange Love’ from the then unreleased album ’Return to Me’. He also shuffled the track listing of the album to load the top of the album with radio singles. ’Kissing Crime’ went on to become a radio hit for the band in the US.

Recorded and mixed at The Firs, Devon, except tracks 3&5 mixed at Orinoco, London. Produced and mixed by Paul Barrett and Equation, except track 10 produced by Equation and tracks 3&5 mixed by Pete Woodroffe and Equation. Mastered by Ian Cooper at Metropolis, London UK - US version mastered by Emilly Lazar at the Lodge NYC.

Kathryn Roberts: Vocals, Piano, Woodwind
Sean Lakeman: Guitars
Seth Lakeman: Violins, Vocals, Mandolin
Darren Edwards: Bass
Iain Goodall: Drums, Percussion

Andy Fairweather-Lowe: Electric guitar
Paul Barrett: Hammond organ

1. Safe and Sound (Sean Lakeman)
2. My World (Sean Lakeman)
3. Sister (Seth Lakeman)
4. What did you do today? (Sean Lakeman)
5. Kissing Crime (Sean Lakeman)
6. Communion (Sean Lakeman)
7. Ataxia (Sean Lakeman)
8. Sad the Girl (Sean Lakeman)
9. Clueless (Sean Lakeman)
10. Choose your moves (Sean Lakeman)
11. Myself (Seth Lakeman)

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