Levellers - The Recruiting Sergeant

2013 ep

The Recruiting Sergeant - Levellers

the bright young folk review

Charity records are often bad, even if they are for a worthy cause. The latest release from the Levellers is one of the few exceptions. They have put together four of their anti-war songs on an EP to raise funds for the charity War Child.

The band manage to put across a serious message while playing music which is a lot of fun to listen to. However, the anger they feel at the pointlessness of war and the suffering it causes is unavoidable.

The title track appears twice - one is a “radio-friendly” special recording which features guest musicians the Copper Family, Shona Kipling and Dan Walsh and has been released as a single. The original album version also appears on the EP. In spite of the traditional sounding title, its subject matter is very up to date, dealing with the plight of a soldier in Afghanistan.

The quieter, more acoustic numbers, Another Man’s Cause and Not in My Name still have a strong message that is unashamedly political. Barrel of a Gun begins and ends with a very military sounding march style on drum and fiddle while the main body of the song is an angry tirade.

As a charity record, this is a refreshing change, and one with a hard-hitting message. Well worth buying.

Shelley Rainey

Released on 5th May 2013 by On the Fiddle Recordings

Guest appearances on single version of title track from: The Copper Family, Shona Kipling and Dan Walsh.

1. The Recruiting Sergeant (War Child Version)
2. Another Man’s Cause (Live from the Royal Albert Hall)
3. Not in My Name
4. Barrell of the Gun
5. The Recruiting Sergeant (Album Version)

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