Mishra - Reclaim

2021 studio album

Reclaim - Mishra

the bright young folk review

Mishra is a Sheffield based collective featuring Kate Griffin, Ford Collier, Joss Mann-Hazell, John Ball and Alex Lyon. Their music is firmly rooted in the British Isles but incorporates elements from the Indian musical tradition with taste and elegance. Their second album Reclaim is a joyous celebration of the ability of music to help us connect with other humans and with the natural world around us.

The album opens with The Truth, a lively song delivered by Kate Griffin’s voice in which a few sparkling low whistle solos enforce the mood of the lyrics. The vibrant timbre of her voice shines through all the songs on this release, particularly in slow or moderate paced compositions such as This The Sound and New Air, thanks also to the thoughtful choice of the instrumentation.

Many of these tracks are infused with Indian vibes and more generally characterised by evocative settings, reminiscent of ancient atmospheres, especially thanks to John Ball’s virtuoso tabla and santoor playing. This is particularly effective when accompanying songs like This The Sound and Rolling English Road, probably the most remarkable examples of the sound of this band, suspended between old and new, between the East and the West.

Other highlights from Reclaim are the final track, a jam session (a relaxed, but equally interesting version of Burn), and the only two, and very different, instrumental tracks on this album: the intricate title track, in which Alex Lyon’s clarinet provides a gentle touch, and the very energetic low whistle-led medley Reel to Reel.

Reclaim is a thoughtful and timely reminder of the power of music, especially in these challenging times, an uplifting musical experience that will launch Mishra among the great emerging names on the folk scene.

Michele Mele

Released on CD and digitally by Shedbuilt Records on 29 October 2021. Mixed by Andy Bell, recorded at Wayside Studios, Gloucestershire

1. The Truth
2. This The Sound
3. Reel to Reel
4. Rolling English Road
5. Second Line
6. New Air
7. Rise
8. Swell
9. I Never Will Marry
10. Reclaim
11. Burn
12. Burn (Jam)

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