The Young’uns - Plastic Cod’eads

2008 studio album

Plastic Cod’eads - The Young’uns

Self-released in 2008.

1. The Pawnbroker ( Lyrics by Mick Cannon, music by Sean Cooney)
2. The Legend Of Holy Hilda (Dick Smales)
3. Twa Recruitin’ Sergeants
4. The Pressgang
5. Pay Me My Money Down
6. Sancta Bega (Sean Cooney)
7. Santiana
8. Mary Farding (Sean Cooney)
9. When He Is Away
10. One December Morn (Sean Cooney)
11. The Fisherman’s Daughter (Mike Stephenson)
12. Jenny Waits For Me (Sean Cooney), plus hidden track

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