Fraser Fifield - One Great Circle

2024 studio album

One Great Circle - Fraser Fifield

the bright young folk review

Having already established himself as one of the most adventurous artists on the folk scene, Fraser Fifield teamed up with two other well-known traditional music stars, namely Catriona McKay and Chris Stout, to record his new album One Great Circle, a mix of influences, keys, time signatures and different instruments.

Even a quick read through the track list shows his peculiar touch. His individual approach is reflected in unexpected and intriguing titles such as The Pool of Forgetfulness and Master Robertson’s Permission. Everyone who has encountered Fifield’s music will not be surprised by his avant-garde compositions, characterised by different rhythms, accidentals and elements from a variety of cultures.

From the lyrical melody of An Indian Death to the more lively An Owl at the Window and Celestial City, this release covers a wide spectrum of emotions, as whistles, wooden flute, Scottish Smallpipes, harp and fiddle lines interweave to create thoughtful harmonies. With a jazzy touch here and there, a grain of cinematic or Asian music in almost every track, Fifield fixes fleeting instances in these tunes, just like late 19th century impressionistic painters used to do with their visions.

Delicate and expressive, adventurous and refined, One Great Circle is an album that should be listened to with the right amount of concentration to spot all the little details that make it one of the best pieces of work by this artist, always at the forefront of the folk music scene.

Michele Mele

Self released on CD and digitally March 8 2024. Recorded by Keir Long.

1. One Great Circle
2. An Owl at the Window
3. An Indian Death
4. The Pool of Forgetfulness
5. Pilgrimage
6. Celestial City
7. The Auld Road o’ Lumphanan
8. Master Robertson’s Permission
9. Finding Nicole

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