Jigfoot - Nothing At All

2011 studio album

Nothing At All - Jigfoot

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Jigfoot are Nic Bradford (guitar), Ben Potton (fiddle), Gill Redmond (cello), Kim Sheil (melodeon) and Cath Watkins (fiddle). Their 2011 album Nothing at All has a very traditional feel, firmly rooted in country dance, morris and wassailing.

The heart of the album is a collection of excellently performed instrumentals, ranging from morris tunes to hornpipes and a country stepdance. The material is almost entirely traditional, but given a distinctive and lively arrangement by Jigfoot.

Nicely balancing these are some good vocal tracks including the title track and broadside ballad Nothing at All and the engaging pub sing-along Bring Us Good Ale. The latter is a medieval wassail song but wouldn’t feel out of place in a modern pub session.

Perhaps the standout track is Snowy Monda’, originally written by a Northumbrian shepherd, but here influenced by the playing of Kathryn Tickell.

Nothing at All is an entertaining collection of tunes and songs that should have strong appeal, particularly to those with an interest in English dance traditions.

Mike Hough

2011 release on Melting Pot

1. Gloucester Hornpipe
2. Snowy Monday
3. Glorishears
4. Barham Down
5. Scan Tester’s Country Stepdance
6. Nothing at All
7. Old Tom of Oxford
8. Seven Stars
9. The Presbyterian Hornpipe
11. Lemmy Brazil’s No 2
12. Good Ale
13. Old Lancashire Hornpipe
14. Morgan Rattler

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