Alaw - Melody

2013 studio album

Melody - Alaw

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Alaw brings together Dylan Fowler (guitar, mandocello) & Oliver Wilson-Dickson (fiddle, voice) with the highly regarded accordionist Jamie Smith. Smith and Wilson-Dixon have also worked together in the well-known Mabon.

The new album Melody, a title which is simply the English translation of the Welsh ’Alaw’, features a range of distinctive Welsh tunes with a range of influences coming together to form a cohesive whole. The heart of the album is Welsh traditional music, with tracks drawn from the folk dance tradition as well as Morris tunes and adapted song melodies.

There are excellent lively numbers such as The Lord of Caernarfon’s Jig/ Owen’s jig, and slow, atmospheric pieces, for example Lilywhite Gwen/The Charm of the Rushlight.

While mainly an instrumental album, vocals feature well on the song Y Ddau Farch based again on a recording of the singing of the renowned collector of the Welsh folk tradition, Meredydd Evans.

Melody features fine playing, a wide range of themes and a great sense of identity. This is clearly a group of musicians with a close musical bond and understanding of each other, performing at the top of their game.

Mike Hough

Taith Records, 9th September 2013

1. Glyn Nêdd; Gyrru’r Byd o ’Mlaen
2. Cariad Newydd; Erddygan y Crythwr Du Bach; Dawns Forys
3. Jig Arglwydd Caernarfon; Jig Owen
4. Y Ddau Farch; Gwel Yr Adeilad
5. Gwen Lliw’r Lili; Hud y Frwynen
6. Craig y Ddinas
7. Ar Foren Teg
8. Breuddwyd y Wrach; Nyth y Gog
9. Ffarwel i f’Ienctid; Yr Hafan Ddisglair; Ty Coch Caerdydd; Y Gwr a’i
10. Wil a’i Fam

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