Adrian Sutton & John Tams - War Horse

2008 studio album

War Horse - Adrian Sutton & John Tams

The music from the National Theatre’s acclaimed production of War Horse, which stared Tim Van Eyken. The songs, mostly written by John Tams and sung by Tim Van Eyken, are interspersed with Adrian Sutton’s instrumental passages to create a narrative thread. Released by Cordafonia on 22 September 2008.

1 Devon at Peace [A. Sutton]
2 Only Remembered [Sankey, arr. J. Tams & H. Brough]
3 Albert and Joey [A. Sutton]
4 The Year Turns Round Again [J. Tams, arr. A.Sutton & T. van Eyken]
5 First Gallop [A. Sutton]
6 Learning to Plough [J. Tams, arr. T. van Eyken]
7 Wheel of Fortune [J. Tams, arr. A.Sutton & H. Brough]
8 The Scarlet and the Blue [J. Tams, arr. A.Sutton]
9 Crossing the Channel [A. Sutton]
10 The Wounded [A. Sutton]
11 Devonshire Carol [J. Tams]
12 The Charge [A. Sutton]
13 Hold the line [J. Tams arr. A.Sutton]
14 Goodbye Dolly Grey [W. Cobb & P. Barnes, arr. A. Sutton & T. van Eyken]
15 Friedrich’s theme [A. Sutton]
16 Emilie’s theme [A. Sutton]
17 Into the crater [A. Sutton]
18 Pulling the Gun [J. Tams, arr. A.Sutton]
19 The Year Turns Round Again (Reprise) [J. Tams, arr. T. van Eyken]
20 The Tank [A. Sutton]
21 Joey’s Long Night [A. Sutton]
22 Albert and Joey reunited [A. Sutton]
23 Only Remembered - Reprise [Sankey, arr. J. Tams & H. Brough]

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