Daimh - Sula

2023 studio album

Sula - Daimh

the bright young folk review

Sula is the old Anglo-Norse name for the gannets, the biggest seabird in Northern Europe. Its elegant moves, both in the air and under the water, are the main source of inspiration for the latest work by Daimh, one of the most acclaimed bands from the Hebrides.

The album sinuously flows between upbeat instrumental tracks, such as the opening If it Plays, the striking strathspey and reel set Puff Puff and the jolly Miss MacGregor’s Traditional Jigs, and haunting and expressive songs like Taladh Choinnich Oig and An Dubh Ghleannach. It closes on a high with a bright rendition of traditional Gaelic song Laoidh Fhearchair Eoghainn.

The band’s longstanding fanbase will surely find all the distinctive elements of the Daimh sound, particularly delicate singing and virtuoso pipes and fiddle duets. But with its captivating core concept, and its well-balanced mix of songs and instrumentals, of reflective moments and fast-paced dance tunes, this release will probably appeal to a new generation of folk music enthusiasts as well.

Sula is a kaleidoscopic, intense, at times emotional, portrait of the nature and the atmospheres of the northeastern part of the Atlantic Ocean, a skilful and ever-changing tribute to one of the most famous inhabitants of these isles and a proof of the timeless talent of this iconic collective.

Michele Mele

Released on 2 June 2023 on CD and digitally on Goat Island Music.

1. If it Plays
2. Chaidh Mis’ a Dh’Eubhal Imprig
3. Miss MacGregor’s Traditional Jigs
4. Taladh Choinnich Oig
5. Tha Ghaoth an Iar a’ Gobachadh
6. Puff Puff
7. An Dubh Ghleannach
8. Peggy Shrimpy Jonny
9. Altsasaigh
10. Laoidh Fhearchair Eoghainn

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