Far Flung Collective - To a Sea Cliff

2024 studio album

To a Sea Cliff - Far Flung Collective

the bright young folk review

After the success of their educational efforts and their debut album, Far Flung Collective planned a return to the recording studios and a new release. Their plans were drastically modified by the pandemic and the lockdown periods; but these adversities did not stop the quartet from conceiving and recording To a Sea Cliff.

This work came to light during distance recording sessions, and is roughly divided into two sections. The first one, as one could surely guess given the track list, was inspired by the natural wonders of southern England, whilst the second part was the result of cross-pollination between elements from the northern part of Britain and the south coast.

Despite this peculiar structure, the album is consistent throughout its fourteen tracks and, especially in the first tracks, includes elements from other genres. Among those, ambient music is surely the most evident influence. Take for example the title track, a poem by Thomas Hardy delivered on a haunting ambient substrate.

Other highlights include the cinematic Cliffs of Dorset and the more traditional sounding sets Mark and Maria’s Wedding / Tom’s Waltz and Nuala Iona’s Jig / Trip to Loch Skipport.

At times jolly and bright, at times sparse and poignant, but always evocative, To a Sea Cliff starts from the band’s already established sound to explore new horizons; a well calibrated, instructive and enticing musical journey.

Michele Mele

Self-released on CD and digitally 23 February 2024. Engineered and mastered by Far Flung Collective

1. Durdle Door
2. To a Sea Cliff
3. The Edge of Nowhere
4. The Sea, the Sea
5. Butterfly
6. Sussex Weald
7. The Cliffs of Dorset
8. Waves
9. Thaghahd Fiodh / The Lives of Three Wattles
10. Nuala Iona’s Jig / Trip to Loch Skipport
11. Gracesayer
12. Mark and Maria’s Wedding / Tom’s Waltz
13. Glow
14. Avian Migrations / Dub of the Little Tern

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