O’Hooley & Tidow - The Last Polar Bear

2011 single

The Last Polar Bear - O’Hooley & Tidow

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For anyone who has been transfixed by Frozen Planet, O’Hooley and Tidow’s The Last Polar Bear will once again leave you longing for the vast expanses of ice in the poles.

It is a moment of musical calm wrapped up in a beautiful and yet inevitably tragic love-story. Accompanied by Belinda’s trademark piano along with a sympathetic string section, Heidi takes on the persona of a small patch of Arctic snow, longing to be made whole by being found by the Last Polar Bear.

"What if you were the last Polar Bear and I was a small patch of snow?"

The duo tells the resulting tale magnificently, their vocal harmonies syncing perfectly with the gently ebbing accompaniment. But, as the Snowman taught us, there is not always a happy ending. Taken from their forthcoming album The Fragile, Last Polar Bear is a thought-provoking and heartfelt offering, which, while not intentionally Christmassy, provides a moment of reflection in the midst of the festive season.

Mary Stokes

Released 21 November 2011

1. The Last Polar Bear

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