Reg Meuross - Stolen from God

2023 studio album

Stolen from God - Reg Meuross

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In various chapters of his sparkling career, Somerset-based singer songwriter Reg Meuross has turned his attention to a number of historical subjects, portraying stories and images with his powerful lyrics and his well-considered arrangements. His latest work Stolen from God, recorded with great names such as Concertina maestro Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne and kora player Jaly Fily Cisshokho, explore a well-known facet of British history.

The album focuses on the involvement of Britain in the Atlantic slave trade and follows its history from its beginnings in the late 16th century to the movement that eventually abolished it between the late 18th century and the early 19th century. From The Jesus of Lubeck that opens the album to the final Stranger in a Strange Land, this work depicts the cruelty of slave trade and the suffering it brought for more than two centuries.

These ten tracks provide a wide variety of keys, time signatures and atmospheres, ranging from more English sounds like on England no More to tracks infused with African or American vibes like Bridgwater or The Way of Cain. This makes Stolen from God a quintessential Reg Meuross work, as everyone who has come across his previous releases can recognise his trademark multi-faceted storytelling talent.

Informative and inventive, touching and suitably bold, Stolen from God is a thought-provoking album with a profound meaning and a clear message to our society by one of the most versatile folk artists.

Michele Mele

Released on 7 April 2023 on CD and digitally on Hatsongs Records.

1. The Jesus of Lubeck
2. The Way of Cain
3. England no More
4. Good Morning Mr. Colston
5. Stolen from God
6. Stole Away
7. The Breath of England
8. I Bought Myself an African
9. Bridgwater
10. Stranger in a Strange Land

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