Benedict Morris - In Sight

2020 single

In Sight - Benedict Morris

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Sometimes lockdown periods have been new opportunities for artistic meditation; this is what happened to young and talented fiddler Benedict Morris. His new single In Sight arises from his personal search for his own musical voice and gives a glimpse of the true nature of his artistic soul.

Enveloped in a never overwhelming electronic shell, an uplifting theme opens the recording before the arrangement gets softer as a lively jig sets the pace. The accompaniment grows in intensity as the jig proceeds, everything flowing in an inspirational duet between the two melodies in which both voices and their tuneful variations come from Morris’ fiddle.

If his breath-taking dexterity was already well known thanks to his album Wavelength with Cormac Crummey, this single also shows Morris’ maturity in composing new material and in conveying his positive message. The modern sounding and cheerful backing, designed by Charlie Galloway, only enhances the weaving of the opening theme and the jig, playing a key role in delivering that feeling of hope and optimism that pervades the composition and that is at the heart of Morris’ artistic vision.

Michele Mele

Released on 20 December 2020, produced by Andrea Gobbi and Charlie Galloway

1. In Sight

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