The Ciderhouse Rebellion - Genius Loci 1 - White Peak

2021 studio album

Genius Loci 1 - White Peak - The Ciderhouse Rebellion

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The Ciderhouse Rebellion, namely Adam Summerhayes on fiddle and Murray Grainger on accordion, enjoyed a deserved success with their Youtube series Genius Loci, in which they improvise and recorded musical tracks inspired by the gorgeous countryside of the Peak District on the spot. Their third album Genius Loci 1 - White Peak is the result of their inventive power when surrounded by nature and its influences.

Each one of the six tracks they have recorded are introduced by a short poem written and performed by Jessie Summerhayes’ captivating voice, an excellent way to depict the landscapes and the scenes that provided the inspiration for the music. Like the 19th century impressionistic painters, the duo transpose the feeling of the moment and the spirit of the place through warm sounding fiddle and accordion lines which are the result of their profound and mature sensibility and connection to the area.

From the delicate Wood to the lively River, from the opening First Corner to the expressive Ruin, through circular structures, genuine improvisation and elements from chamber music, they provide a unique musical experience to be savoured many times. Every listen reveals new details, just as more visits to a location can help to discover new perspectives, something that increases the imaginative power of the entire work.

The natural and almost instinctive interplay between the two artists, the gentle stride of many of the passages, everything in this album makes for an evocative journey around the White Peak and confirms this close-knit duo’s reputation as the masters of impressionistic folk music.

Michele Mele

Released on CD 1 October 2021

1. Setting I
2. First Corner
3. Setting II
4. Wood
5. Setting III
6. River
7. Setting IV
8. Rose
9. Setting V
10. Ruin
11. Setting VI
12. Rocks

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