John Spiers - Melodeon - Mastering The Art

2008 dvd

Melodeon - Mastering The Art - John Spiers

the bright young folk review

As a struggling melodeon player of less than a year, I was slightly apprehensive as to whether this would be a level I could learn from, or just plain terrifying. I’m glad to report that it is not at all scary. Given that my first interest in the melodeon and inspiration in learning to play was watching Mr Spiers playing with Bellowhead and Spiers & Boden, it’s been a seriously worthwhile investment. It’s not unlike being at a workshop - with the much appreciated benefits of being able to rewind and re-run to your heart’s content!

The DVD covers a wide range of ideas, using a couple simple tunes to demonstrate them on. Many of you will recognise a number of these techniques as part of Squeezy’s distinctive style. I have a feeling that this will keep me busy for quite some time to come. Highly recommended!

Eleanor White

Double sided disc in both NTSC and PAL format.

Tutorial DVD

On this DVD, renowned melodeon player John Spiers works with student Lucy Huzzard to provide a live audience with a valuable insight into how to improve their command of this distinctive instrument.

It covers:
- Posture and holding the melodeon
- Left and right hand integration
- One row and row crossing ideas
- Chord and bellow combinations
- Right hand fingering patterns
- Ornamentation
- Bellows control

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