Becky Taylor - Tune Chaser

2020 ep

Tune Chaser - Becky Taylor

the bright young folk review

Tune Chaser, the long awaited new EP by Yorkshire multi-instrumentalist Becky Taylor, is a kaleidoscopic mix of both traditional tunes from the British Isles and original compositions, involving almost all the instruments she plays: Northumbrian smallpipes, two different uilleann pipe sets, fiddle, whistles and duet and anglo concertinas.

The first and the last track of this EP are a display of sophisticated uilleann piping; the Bright Slide Set is made up of joyful tunes while Heed The Call is a haunting slow air played on a flat B set.

Both Tunechasing and Hairy Slip Jigs start with the sweet combination of concertina and whistles carrying the tunes and in both of them, the uilleann pipes get in for two engaging climaxes. Right in the middle of the album there is Roadfrog, the shortest and most striking track of the EP, a captivating Northumbrian smallpipe set of reels embedded in a modern and catchy arrangement.

Versatility is the word that best describes this sadly short but very well designed release. The timbres of the different bagpipes, the warm tones of the concertinas and whistles, and the quality of the interaction with the ensemble all emphasise the peculiar expressiveness of Taylor’s playing.

The combination of traditional sources and original material makes for an evocative and uplifting listening experience, a journey through the unique and timeless beauty of the British Isles, strengthening Taylor’s reputation as one of the most accomplished and sought-after musicians and composers on the folk scene.

Michele Mele

Released on 1 February 2020, supported by C3LT4.TR4D, recorded and mixed by Steve Smith at Smithsound, Sowerby, West Yorkshire.

1. Bright Slide Set
2. Tunechasing
3. Roadfrog - Orkney Mix
4. The Hairy Slip Jigs
5. Heed The Call

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